Friends of Children’s Mental Health

Our purpose is to support and improve children’s mental health services and outcomes in Hawai`i through training, education and advocacy.

Friends of Children’s Mental Health is a new nonprofit in town to support kids in our communities with mental health challenges. We help organize educational activities and free trainings in the community on causes, current efforts and best practices relating to psychological trauma and its treatment.

Project Kealahou is the primary organization Friends of Children’s Mental Health supports. Project Kealahou is working to establish a trauma-informed system of mental health care to help Hawai`i’s girls with significant trauma issues. What does this mean? It means we are collaborating with state child-serving agencies, communities and families to nurture healthy relationships, well-being and community connections for Hawai`i’s girls. Girls with trauma histories, including abuse and neglect, are at high-risk for suicide, pregnancy, prostitution and further victimization.

To learn more, contact Lesley Slavin, Hawai`i Department of Health Chief Psychologist and consultant, at 733-9875.

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