What kind of services does Project Kealahou (PK) provide?
PK provides three different kinds of services:

1. Direct services to girls; which includes Girls Circle, case management services, One-on-One support and mentoring, cultural and community service youth activities, and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

2. Trainings for providers and families; which include trainings around trauma, trauma-informed care, TF-CBT, self-care, and many more (see our training form in the Providers and Referrers section).

3. Macro-level support for organizations; which includes cross-agency collaboration within the System of Care, organizational assessments and policy development to transform organizations to provide trauma-informed care services and environments for their consumers.


What ages does PK serve?
We serve girls, or those who identify as girls, ages 11–18 years old.


How can girls get referred to PK?
Just fill out our referral form! Anyone can refer, including girls and their families. If you’d like to self-refer, it may be easier for you to just call us at 733-9859 and we can do the form while we talk story on the phone with you.  Download our referral form in the Providers and Referrers section or fill out our form online in the same section.


How long will PK be providing services?
PK is funded through a Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) from 2009–2015, with a possible extension through 2016.  


How long can a girl receive services in PK?
The Project will continue to work with a girl and she can attend any of the program activities as long as the services assist in the healing of each girl and it is deemed appropriate by the girl, her family, and Project clinical staff.


Does PK provide transportation to activities?
Yes! PK staff will transport girls if that is the only way they are able to attend activities.  PK also provides bus passes, which is the primary mode of transportation we encourage. We are only allowed to transport girls enrolled in PK, but if families and kids/siblings attend family activities, PK can also provide cab fare if needed.


Can I volunteer for PK?
Yes! Visit our Volunteer Section on the Providers and Referrers page to learn about opportunities.  PK has a volunteer orientation and handbook to read and fill out. However, working with the girls directly will require additional screening.


How can I donate goods, services, or monetary contributions to PK?
PK always looks for community collaborators to provide activities to the girls that are therapeutic in nature and offer community connections. Our youth activities have 2 goals: reduce trauma symptoms, and create connectedness—to self, family, and community!  

If you have a program or talent you would like to donate (hair cutting services, horseback riding, art therapy activities, hula lessons, etc.) PK would love to talk story with you! Please contact us—find our information on the Contact page!

Monetary donations and donation of goods (clothes, shoes, books, beauty supplies, sports equipment, etc.) are greatly appreciated! Visit the Volunteers and Donations page.


Are there services for families of the girls enrolled in PK?
Yes!  PK has a full-time Parent Support Coordinator through Hawai‘i Families as Allies that works solely with the families of the girls enrolled in PK to provide support, activities and groups for the families, and trainings. Check out the For Families page for more information.


What are the criteria for girls to be enrolled in PK?
There are several criteria for girls to be eligible for PK services. Please visit our For Providers and Referrers page to get the entire criteria.

Basically, girls, or those identifying as girls, need to be within the age limit, have a history of significant trauma, live in our catchment area (defined by zip codes), and not be actively suicidal or homicidal.