Our Executive Team

The Executive Team provides direction, support and decision-making expertise for Project Kealahou. Members were selected according to their roles in the System of Care. The team solicits feedback from staff, Project Kealahou girls and families, and the larger Governing Council body who represent the community and system of care. Members are governed by by-laws, and meet regularly to address the ongoing development and management of the grant.



Jackie Jackson, Parent Support Coordinator, Hawaii Families as Allies
David Hipp, Executive Director, Office of Youth Services, Department of Human Services
M. Stanton Michels, Administrator, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division, Department of Health
Lesley Slavin, Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division, Department of Health
Judith Clark, Executive Director, Hawaii Youth Services Network
Kathy Swink, Assistant Program Administrator, Child Welfare Services, Department of Human Services
Kelly Stern, State Educational Specialist, Department of Education
Karen Radius, former Family Court Judge, Hawaii State Judiciary
Adriane Abe, Program Specialist, First Circuit Court, Hawaii State Judiciary
Charlie Daraban, Consumer Family Relations Specialist, Hawaii Families as Allies   

Youth Members:

Kristina Nardo, Hawaii Families As Allies

Kayla Fanene, Youth Specialist, Hawaii Families As Allies

Governing Council

Project Kealahou has developed a Governing Council comprised of youth, community and family members, interested stakeholders and state agencies structured to advise and provide feedback on all areas of the initiative, propose ideas and ensure the Project is navigating the right path. And we’d love for you to join us!

Each Governing Council meeting is topic-based. We meet every other month and the meeting day changes each month to accommodate people with standing commitments on certain days of the week. Families and youth who participate are also compensated for their time, and provided with childcare. Past meeting topics have included:

The Governing Council includes youth and families, as well as representatives from the following community organizations and government agencies:

For more information: Governing Council: Fact Sheet


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