What is the evaluation process like?

Project Kealahou evaluation staff will contact the family of an eligible girl to arrange an interview. Interviews are scheduled at times and locations that are convenient for the family. Interviews are conducted only with written consent from the girl’s guardian.

What is an evaluation study interview like?
As part of the study, caregivers will be interviewed by evaluation staff for about one to two hours every six months. Girls will be interviewed for about an hour every six months. Girls and their families will be asked to continue participating in the evaluation even if they no longer receive services. The evaluation staff will explain what kinds of questions they ask. Girls and their families have the right to ask questions throughout the interview. Girls and their families have the right to now answer any question asked by the evaluation team. The team asks the same questions for all persons enrolled in the project.

What can I expect during an evaluation study interview?
Below is a step-by-step outline of what happens during an evaluation study interview. It will take about one hour to complete and you will be given a $20 gift card for your time.

You can trust the evaluation staff to keep your interviews private and confidential.

Your privacy is our priority. We have a Certificate of Confidentiality from the government that holds us responsible for keeping anything that you tell us private. This means that we will not tell anyone what you share with us, including other Project Kealahou staff. Even if a judge or court tries to force us to identify you, for example, the Certificate of Confidentiality does not allow us to give them any information.

Your name will not appear with anything you tell us. More than 220 girls will be interviewed all over O‘ahu. Your answers will be mixed in with all the other answers we receive, so none of your answers can or will be traced back to you.