Providers/Referrers Overview

Project Kealahou is working to establish a trauma-informed system of care to help Hawai’i’s ethnically and culturally diverse girls overcome difficulties in their lives. A system of care is an organizational framework that involves collaboration with agencies, families, and youth to improve access and expand services and supports for youth and their families.

Project Kealahou collaborates with the state’s child-serving agencies, communities and families to help these girls build and nurture healthy relationships that will allow them to reconnect with their communities, families and themselves.

The Project will improve the lives of these girls impacted by trauma by building a system of care that is: sustainable, family-driven, youth-guided, culture-responsive, gender-responsive, and trauma-informed.

Project Kealahou’s multi-faceted approach includes the following:



For Providers & Referral Sources: Fact Sheet (PDF)

Project Kealahou Referral Form (PDF)