Girls Circle

Girls Circle is a support group for girls like you. It’s designed to increase self-esteem, provide an opportunity to build positive relationships with other girls, and learn self-expression. Themes relate to our lives as girls, such as trusting ourselves, friendships, goal-setting and decision-making.

Each week, a group of about six to 10 girls meet with a facilitator for a couple hours. During this time, girls take turns talking and listening to one another. Girls can also express themselves further through creative or focused activities, such as role-playing, drama, journaling, poetry, movement, drawing and computer activities.

To participate, you only need to make a commitment to attend the meetings, and agree to follow the Girls Circle guidelines: no put-downs or interruptions, offer experiences—not advice; keep the focus on yourself; and keep what’s said in the group private. You may find that voicing your ideas and opinions in a safe environment strengthens your confidence and allows you to better express yourself.

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